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The Creative Spirit Art Centre is an accessible studio space and resource centre providing art education for people with disabilities. 

Let us host your event or exhibition in our space. Join our mailing list for updates online! Contact csac@creativespirit.on.ca for more information. Feel free to browse our site and become a membermake a donation visit our contact page.


We've temporarily closed our regular studio and gallery day program but we're still keeping busy! This summer CSAC was invited to submit a grant application for an Employment Canada job creation proposal which would fund up to $500,000 annually for 3 years.

We hope to survive the first round of grants for consideration by Employment Canada plus matching assistance by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. If successful, the project is to fund a larger studio and develop an online market for art and art-based products promoting the work of artists living with long term disabilities. Participating artists will reside in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. This unique art market creates employment for people with disabilities who have not had access to an arts and crafts market. 

Studio space

We've been operating without core funding, and open to the public through donated volunteer hours but will no longer be providing studio or gallery exhibit day program services due to my advancing age.

CSAC will continue to make use of our Dovercourt Road space for administration, workshops, seminars and conferences, pop-up events and archival storage.

Current use of our Centre includes: Rehearsal space for musicians Oliver Pavao and Helen Garcia; A workshop for Toronto Centre for Psychodrama & Sociometry for a Sat. in Sept., O.T.  Amee Le hosts Monday afternoons through October and November. Mindful Art Workshop will present an Occupational Therapy program of mindful meditation/art therapy for persons who have experienced head trauma.

Later this month, Seaton House an organization providing assistance for homeless men and women, will be visiting to learn about the benefits of art-making for their clients.

Requests for appointments for consultations, special tours, workshops and information sessions can be made by phone or email.  

Please contact us to start a Creative Spirit Art Centre program for your project. This includes standards of program delivery and the right to use the Creative Spirit name and an annual report from all agencies delivering the Creative Spirit program (membership/training session fees required).

That's about it for now, I'll continue to post news and monthly updates, thank you!

Ellen Anderson

exhibition and studio space

Drop by and say Hello!

CSAC Studio/Gallery closing Sept. 30th.


Please, drop in this month to sign our guest book, see some of Kristine Erglis' wonderful work - and keep in touch! CSAC will Open House though September to meet friends, artists, volunteers, donors, collectors, and champions of art.


We've stayed open with the help of donated time, talent and financial assistance from friends who believe in advancing the creative power for individuals who cannot advocate for themselves. The studio will continue to host CS events and as well will open for those who need a place to put on a workshop or rehearsal or short term POP UP events. 


Creative Spirit Art Centre is a registered non-profit charity and yes, we still need your help to keep our website up and running but without a source of core funding, we cannot continue to operate the studio and art gallery. Stay in touch with updates regarding our various proposals/opportunities. In the meantime we're sourcing ways of moving forward with grant applications for unique art projects, marketing and outreach for continued success!


Please contact me if you can make use of our space for rentals or introduce us to a patron(s) of the arts who might be interested in becoming part of the evolution of arts and crafts as a potential viable employment venue for people with disabilities. Help us to change the systemic prejudices that prevent people with developmental, physical and intellectual disabilities from being part of the fabric of the Canadian Cultural community.





Kristine Erglis Exhibition

Exhibition opens: June 20th head and shoulder profile of women with a creative vibrant "hat", soft colours, another woman painted in washed out grey and white with orange yellow hair with "NEW" type in black angled, top left over the womans head/hair

Reception: Saturday 24th, 1 - 3 p.m.

Exhibition closes: July 28th

In 1994, Kristine Erglis started making art, at our studios. We are showing her art from the past and some of her current work. Kristine will not be present for the exhibition. She moved from Toronto to Nova Scotia many years ago in order to seek a gentler, quieter, life.

Kristine puts into images, things which most of us are afraid to say 
or express including how the media has made women feel about their bodies. “NEW,  Surgically removed Hips” was shown in “IMAGES OF WOMENW 1994 in an exhibition celebrating the many aspects and images
of women. That exhibition taught both the artist, Kristine and the curator, Ellen Anderson; the difference in perception between men and women. 
A well know male artist looked at the image of “Surgically removed hips” and declared his sister had that operation. “NO”! Kristine proclaimed.” It isn’t about a medical procedure. It’s about how women are made to feel about their bodies!”. The male artist insisted that his sister had indeed had the surgery. Ellen and Kristine looked at each other; realizing that the fellow didn’t understand the point of the painting. Women who came to view the image, understood immediately and would say, “Yes, I’ve been made to feel that way”. Men ignored the work and quietly walked past it without a word.

Kristine conjures up: colourful dreams, joyous leaping lizards, anger,
coy angels, a frustrated receptionist;  all illicit immediate recognition. Some of the works use humour and the play of vibrant colours of inks and watercolours are sometimes laced with words. Other works speak for themselves without any words.

Hope to see you there!


We will Be CLOSED on the following DATES:


CSAC closed: May 18 to19 (reopen May 20 for Birthday Celebration, May 27 (reopen June 13, Aug. 1 to 31 (reopen Sep.1), Closing Studio Sep.30